on the fairy shop, hope, and place


Dec 23 2012

Gold Tape

on place and fairies^ the fairy shop‘s alternate entrance

the fairy shop stocks garden gnomes and dragons, fairy dust and alice tea sets, but more magical than its ethereal items is the space they inhabit. michael, the wizard behind the place, told me the beautiful story of how he held the storefront with no plans, instead waiting for the little victorian room to speak to him. it did, through a metal rosette in the ceiling engraved 2 HOPE. the fairy shop, embracing the magic of its home and history, is his interpretation of hope. places like this, significant, beloved, and carefully kept, inspire me to dream, believe, create – to hope. although some suggest expansion, michael believes that the shop needs to be tiny. i agree. small space leaves room to imagine and wander. and we don’t have to wander away – we can wander within. but either way, not all who wander are lost

forever entranced by tiny wonderlands and magical stories,

xandra ★


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