Fashion Week, Minimalist Style

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 22 2013

Gold Tape

Fashion Week, Minimalist Style

Besides navigating an unusually crowded Oxford Street, I didn’t really participate in any of the London Fashion Week activities. The exception was by accident. Muji had a special sale on, said their email, so I wandered over to Carnaby. Upon arrival I realised that the whole shopping street was in on this fashion week-inspired “special sale”. 50% off EVERYTHING!!! GO CRAZY!!!

The streets were packed with crazed shoppers and intrusive sellers. Free stuff! Coupons! A cappella advertisements! It was like Black Friday: The Musical!

I was slightly tempted by the sale, but didn’t need anything. I hadn’t scoped out anything. I can’t impulse buy. I’ve trained myself out of that habit.

So I ended up with this:

Fashion Week, Minimalist Style

Soap. Soap refills. Pen refills.

And this:Fashion Week, Minimalist StyleI soaked up the atmosphere and entered the crowded Tube station without being weighed down by purchases. Minimalism nerd for the win.

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