Favorite Colors


Nov 10 2020

Gold Tape
A poem about my favorite colors.

Favorite Colors

Age Eleven
Application to summer camp
(academic summer camp)
A short answer question: Pick a celebrity
— that part was easy: Kristi Yamaguchi —
and ask them three questions.

I sat with my dad, pencil in hand, said
How about
What’s your favorite color?
Dad said no,
She could say blue and walk away,
but at that age kids ask about colors every day.

17 years later, today, I found a way,
at least for me,
to make my favorite colors tell a story:

Honeypot Yellow,
Cherry Blossom Pink,
Butterscotch Brown,
Forest Green,
Scarlet Red,
& Oxford Blue.

I still don’t know about Kristi.
But what about you?



P.S. Please write back.

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