Favourite Stories / January 2017


Jan 14 2017

Gold Tape



La La Land

written and directed by Damien Chazelle

They don’t make movies like this anymore, except now they do. A beautiful, nostalgic revival of the Old Hollywood musical genre, updated with modern day themes of pursuing dreams, being a true artist, and getting in tune with your personal mission. All to a dreamy soundtrack, charming choreography, and vibrant dresses.

Someday, Someday Maybe

by Lauren Graham

A must-read for artists trying to find their way in the industry, Lauren Graham’s novel provides first-hand perspective on what it’s actually like to be a hardworking and talented actress building her career job by job. It’s about hope, drive, uncertainty, and the balance between art and work. Oh and did I mention there are Filofax pages embedded in the story?

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X

Produced by CBS Television

For a while now Survivor has been a permanent fixture in my weekly schedule, and while I obsess over gameplay and strategy, this season in particular had a story that was so captivating it couldn’t have been scripted. Seasons like this restore my faith in reality tv.

Black Beauty

by Andy Manley, Andy Cannon and Shona Reppe for Traverse Theatre & Red Bridge

Heartwarming and clever, Black Beauty exemplifies the best kind of children’s theatre, in which the adults are just as entertained as the kids, and the kids are trusted with stories and concepts that don’t belittle their intelligence. This kind of theatre shows that technology doesn’t have to be 100% realistic to be appreciated; in fact, exercising our imaginations can be even more delightful.

I, Daniel Blake

directed by Ken Loach, screenplay by Paul Laverty

The most frustrating film I’ve seen in a while, for giving human faces and stories to poverty and the bureaucracy battles that come with seeking welfare. A truly important film for gaining perspective on the harrowing day-to-day reality of many overlooked people. 

Life Itself

directed by Steve James

The film that inspired these mini reviews in the first place! Roger Ebert is one of my favourite writers ever. This film about his career and the end of his life captures his pure passion for the cinema, and for writing. His reviews are magic in that he can acutely and plainly articulte how I feel about a film but couldn’t put to words. (available on Netflix)

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