Finding the Perfect Tarot Cards


May 26 2015

Gold Tape

The Perfect Tarot Cards

Tarot came to me at just the right time – my Head of Hufflepuff Paige led a Midsummer Tarot ritual that gave me hope in the midst of a challenging summer.

So I made it my birthday mission to find the perfect tarot deck this year. Paige suggests feeling the cards and seeing what resonates. There are so many decks out there, and while I liked a lot of them, nothing was perfect.

I could have just gotten the Wild Unknown, a perfectly ethereal popular choice, but I knew as soon as I settled I’d find the deck that was just right for me. I looked in Boston, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Cornwall. It took nearly a year, but it was a fun challenge, and a wonderful example of how enjoying the process can be worth it.

Finally, I found this fashionably light deck from a magical little Witch Shop via Etsy.

The Perfect Tarot Cards

My first spread + a moon magic crystal:

The Perfect Tarot Cards

As an homage to my past as a child of the 00’s, my new cards live in my Leo purse from a place we used to call Limited Too:

Finding the Perfect Tarot Cards your-assignment

When your heart craves a new object, enjoy the process of finding it with care.


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