Gathering Fruit Like a Heroine


Jul 21 2015

Gold Tape

Gathering Fruit Like a Heroine

The plus side of Scotland’s mild breezy summers: Strawberries are still in season.

Nearly a year ago, on my birthday, I promised to go fruit picking. I hadn’t been since I was little, but like princess parties, why should fruit picking be just for children?

So Monkey and I scheduled a morning at Craigie’s farm, not too far outside Edinburgh, sipping fresh juice and picking berries and cherries.

Not only did our yummy fruit come straight off the branch – the price actually worked out cheaper than our local supermarket’s. All the more reason to return…


Do you have a bucket list? I prefer a birthday list, which has a more clear and less morbid deadline: my birthday! The experiences I vow to do throughout the year are my ongoing gift to myself. So tell me – what would be on your birthday list?


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