Giveaway: a Bracelet from Balay

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Feb 18 2014

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Giveaway: Balay Jewelry Bracelet!

I have a treat for you. I knew that if I did a giveaway it would have to be really special, and this is!

Alpha Sanford is one cool lady. She founded Balay Jewelry to sell beauuuutiful pieces manufactured with positivity that inspire wearers around the world to live positive and better lives. She also founded the quite minimal AMSDaily – that stands for Aspire, Motivate, Succeed! 

Giveaway: Balay Jewelry Bracelet!

All of the jewelry at Balay was made with love in the Philippines, supporting Filipino women. This was especially cool for me to hear, since my family visited the Philippines last year.

Giveaway: Balay Jewelry Bracelet!

You can win your own Balay birthstone bracelet by entering here! The raffle is open until 26 February. Good luck!

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