Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine


Jun 13 2016

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by Clayton Gerard

Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

Grand Rapids, a small riverside town serving as the hub of Western Michigan is a place everyone visiting Michigan should visit! This town exceeds the stereotypes associated with small towns to make its points of interest quite enriching for the city-bound soul. This town may be small, but is full of treasures waiting to be found that will make an aspiring heroine feel on top of the world.

Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

1. Grab a coffee and relax at Madcap Coffee Co.

The contemporary atmosphere at Madcap is quite relaxing and makes delicious coffee. Whether it is studying at a table or sitting on the chic black couches, you will start your morning feeling like a high class executive.
Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

2. Go shopping at MoDiv!

The shops inside MoDiv at Monroe and Division will leave you wanting to spend your paycheck, although window shopping can be just as fun! There are shops for both boys and girls from high end and low end price ranges, and when you’re done shopping you can stop at Scoops for some tasty treats!

3. Stroll along the Grand River.

 One of the best things about Grand Rapids landscape is the river where the name Grand Rapids was derived from. Whether you are on the river’s boardwalk or on the blue footbridge, you get wonderful views of the landscape and cityscape.
Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

4. Get lunch at Freshii.

When you eat at Freshii you are participating in a magical concoction where health meets taste. If you fear vegetables or even cringe at the term “green juice”, this place is for you, because the food tastes good and you will walk out feeling energized, healthy, and happy!
Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

5. Browse music at Vertigo.

On Division, you’ll find a small music store with a wide selection of CD’s as well as records. Even if you don’t buy much music, it’s a treasure to find a record store as they are diminishing over time. Listen to the music, relax, or just browse the broad collection of music.
Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

6. Relax in Rosa Parks Circle.

If you are searching for the hub of gatherings that take place in Grand Rapids, look no further than Rosa Parks Circle. This small plaza located in the center of downtown is a wonderful place to just sit and take in the city. With plenty of surrounding places to eat, it is perfect to get a box to go and sit in the circle on the concrete steps or on the tables and chairs set throughout the circle. Hey, and if you’re lucky you may be at the circle during one of it’s many sponsored events from concerts, to the world’s largest swing dancing gathering! There are also brownie points if you visit during the Winter where the plaza serves as an ice skating rink!
Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a Heroine

7. Explore Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Adjacent to Rosa Parks Circle you may make your way to the Grand Rapids Art Museum or also well known as the GRAM. The multi-leveled art museum has spectacular permanent exhibits as well as specialized exhibits throughout the year. For the artsy kind, it is a treat to visit, and student discounts are available too!
These seven places are my favorites to visit on any day in Grand Rapids! I recommend you check them out, and hey, you might be surprised to find what other treasures this lovely city has to offer.
Grand Rapids, Michigan / Fit for a HeroineClayton Gerard a designer, feel-good engineer, and full-time student currently operating out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. He write about leading a life of success through unapologetic bold choices.
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