Mini Adventure: Follow the Greenway


Jun 30 2014

Gold Tape

Mini Adventure: Follow the Greenway

7:40am If the Common is Boston’s Central Park, then the Rose Kennedy Greenway is our High Line. A patch of modern green parkway along the river, the perfect place to soak up summer. After yoga I follow the greenway to Columbus Park, where I encounter Midsummer foreshadowing: a labyrinth. [more on this next week].

7:55am Coming up is the New England Aquarium, and though it isn’t open yet, the harbor seals are out to play. I stop to watch, and so do many others, a little pre-work meditation it seems. Seal-watching in suits.

8:21am I cut through the Harbor Hotel in its swish sophisticated glory. There’s a bench overlooking the water, so I stop for morning journalling.

8:35am Over to Fort Point Channel, a well-kept secret of an up-and-coming neighborhood. It feels modern and European, with empty brick buildings that are slowly filling up with swanky coffeeshops, offices, and restaurants. I grab an iced chai at Barrington Coffee and work with their wifi.

10:41am Time for a walk to Channel Center. I sit outside with my Graze box before going inside to find Nourish Your Soul, where I’m picking up a juice cleanse I won in a Boston Bloggers raffle. Heading back downtown, first I spot Templeton General, an adorable rustic-urban chic shop in the middle of nowhere, with paper bunting and desk displays. 

10:55am Last stop, Flour Bakery, a Boston favorite, where I sample their vegan chocolate muffin for some more coffeesquatting, reflecting on my adventures of the morning.

There is nothing like a seascape to bring calm to my morning. Even in the city, nature peeks in, waiting to be noticed and enjoyed.

monday mini adventuresmaking the most of one’s surroundings through conscious exploration and appreciation 

miss xandra bee

P.S. Why I write in coffeeshops.


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