the xandra guide to newbury street

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 06 2013

Gold Tape

^ boston’s newbury street

i’ve shopped the streets of new york, london, and paris, but i will always hold a place in my heart for my beloved back bay. newbury street is truly fashionably light, hosting such prominent designers as burberry and marc jacobs and such indie delights as himalayas and the fairy shop, all together in one straight, nineteenth-century brownstone building line. the street has a charming uniformity, like the bracelet chain on which each individual charm shines. most of the spaces are small, but the contents are selective instead of restrictive. each has its chance to delight and inspire, from quirky cafés to luxurious designer flagships. 

i have compiled for you a guide. have a wander, and please report back with your own favourites. 

the bostonian,

xandra ★

from arlington to mass ave, here are my favourite stops on boston’s most iconic street (forever a list in progress).

burberry limited | 2 | a deceptively large and luxurious representation of the brand, featuring classic trenches, shoes, handbags, and everything in between.

★ marc by marc jacobs | 81 | just enough of the signature marc eccentricity to satisfy: apparel, accessories, shoes, books, and affordable jewellery.

snappy sushi | 108 | delicious and beautiful sushi, with yummy vegetarian options. available for takeaway or eat-in, with excellent service.

★ kate spade | 1117 | her motto is to live life colourfully. some of the brightest and most adorable accessories, and equally bright and adorable clothing. they also have a fabulous tumblr.

allsaints spitalfields | 122 | hidden behind its iconic vintage sewing machine storefront is the reigning champion of edgy basics, statement jewellery, and hardcore footwear.

jonathan adler | 129 | for funky, colourful, happy interiors and accessories. he calls it “anti-depressive living” and it’s fabulous.

goorin bros. hat shop | 130 | retaining the atmosphere of its 1895 establishment date while still offering the modern swanky hat. because who doesn’t want a signature hat?

marimekko | 140 | bold and colourful patterns on clothing, handbags, cups and plates, notebooks, you name it.

pinkyotto | 156 | famous for the giant bear heads on the window displayed mannequins, this new york-based boutique features the fun and fashion-forward designs of ryo liu.

★ lush cosmetics | 166 | soothing organic soaps, bath bombs, and things with delicious scents that can be whiffed a block away. special for me, as it is the first of many lush shops i’ve entered around the world. nearly my entire cosmetic favourites are from lush. the staff are always lovely and helpful, and happy to give free trials and samples.

stephanie’s on newbury | 190 | i’ve only been for hot chocolate and dessert, but such was delicious, and the atmosphere is so cosy and relaxing. upscale, with couches.

★ anthropologie | 203 | anthro never fails to calm and inspire. newbury presents an excellent selection of clothing, housewear, and my favourite – books – carrying the largest stock of the ma branches.

wired puppy | 250 | a quirky little cafe and bakery with loads of coffee options. they also sell dog collars.

★ the creperie on newbury | 259 | a little piece of paris, complete with nostalgic soundtrack and decor. by far the best crepes in boston.

crush boutique | 264 | for slightly off-beat statement pieces to treasure, crush features up-and-coming designers alongside well-known names.

★ the fairy shop | 272 | home to unicorns, gnommies, and fairy dust, this is one of the most magical and inspiring shops in the world. for more on just how fantastic it is, read.

★ b good | 272 | delicious and fresh “fast food” with excellent veggie options and superb sweet potato fries.

johnny cupcakes | 279 | no edibles here, but a great stop for printed tees featuring the most rock and roll depictions of cupcakes ever. a massachusetts original.

american apparel | 138, 330 | for quality and affordable basics and urban-wear. also features vintage or recycled pieces.

★ newbury comics | 332 | now a nerdtastic local chain, this is of course the original. in high school i bought used cd’s weekly from this very storefront. they also stock vinyls, books, collectible gifty things, and of course comics.

★ trident booksellers & cafe | 338 | an independent bookstore slash cool cafe with excellent vegan/vegetarian options on the menu.

lf boston | 353 | piles and piles of funky and unique designs. digging might be required.

★ = super-favourites


what are your favourites? 

xandra ★



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