Guilty Minimalist: I Love Snail Mail

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May 02 2014

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Guilty Minimalist: I Love Snail Mail

As an avid letter-writer and paper-user, am I cheating on minimalism? 

Getting rid of the clutter leaves room for experiences. And hey, getting a letter in the post is an experience, right?

I love sending postcards across the pond, and reading cards and letters from my faraway friends. I am even learning French through snail mail with my pen pal, Fanny

Recording FabulosiTEA this week made me realize that writing letters is my favorite way to stay in touch with friends: it is intimate, thoughtful, and introspective. Putting pen to paper always gives me clarity on my own life. It’s something I don’t get from email.  

Tweets and texts are “minimally” short, snappy, intangible, and free to send.

But let’s think about “quality over quantity”. To me, this means prioritize good quality before thinking about the word count. Sometimes quality requires a greater quantity. So if I use up some paper, so be it. 

If you miss your faraway friends, I think you’ll like this week’s episode of FabulosiTEA.

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What about you? Do you love to write letters?

miss xandra bee

P.S. This week the FabulosiTEA website got a makeover! Have a look :)

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