#HappyThesisChallenge Check In


Jun 25 2015

Gold Tape

#HappyThesisChallenge Check In

The #HappyThesisChallenge is for all of us who need to buckle down and get some work done, in the prettiest way possible.

When I explain this to friends, some get it right away. We’re a particular shade of nerd, those of us who enjoy studyblrs, stationery shopping, and perfecting one’s handwriting.


If this describes you too, take a picture of your workspace and tag is #HappyThesisChallenge. You don’t have to be writing a thesis to participate in the #HappyThesisChallenge. You can be knocking off items on your Passion Planner to do list, scribbling notes from your latest Letters from Jane Austen project, or publishing blog posts. I have done all of the above over at @heroinetraining on Instagram.


P.S. Things I learned from having no internet at home

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