Harry Potter Workbooks are Here!


Mar 18 2016

Gold Tape

So I wrote some self-development workbooks inspired by Harry Potter.

Every September I host Blogwarts, an online programme for infusing the magic of Hogwarts into your everyday life. Last semester, I wrote some extra workbooks as a bonus for our students, determined by what we needed to work on most as a group. The two most requested topics were mindfulness and morning routines, so voila!

The Blogwarts Super Witch’s Guide to Waking Up Early & Magical Mornings

Harry Potter Workbooks are Here!My morning routine really worked my first summer abroad in Oxford – I was determined to cherish every English moment, as my time was limited. I was so pumped to be in such a magical place, unlike any I’d experienced – it was the closest I’ve experienced to living in our favourite castle and its tumbling grounds. Let’s wake up every day and appreciate the magic of our everyday lives, wherever they may be.



The Blogwarts Go-Getter’s Guide to Finding Balance and Living in the Moment

Harry Potter Workbooks are Here!

I love how the Harry Potter books are so realistic about the stresses of being a student: homework! quidditch practice! horrible teachers! lord voldemort! (okay maybe that last one is a more specific issue to a particular group of students). Not even magical powers and a gorgeous setting can obliterate overwhelm. Like understanding Golpalott’s 3rd Law, there are no shortcuts (not even a bezoar), so here are 10 pages packed with specific strategies for living slowly, mindfully, and stress-free.


Blogwarts registration will re-open in August, but these workbooks will be available year-round to tide you over. They are pulled directly from the course curriculum, and provide a great taster of the programme to see if it’s right for you.

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