Healthy Food Fit for a Heroine


May 23 2014

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Healthy Food Fit for a Heroine

We all want to be healthier. Vaguely. But how to make that happen? Here are some sneaky places for inserting greens!

Healthy Food Fit for a Heroine

♡ Delicious salad. I don’t love raw kale, but dressed with olive oil, lemon, and nutritional yeast with tasty seasonings and toppings, it’s quite yum. Try Angela Liddon‘s recipes; they’re amazing and accessible!

♡ Green smoothies. I love almond or soy milk-based smoothies for sneaking in a couple of kale or spinach leaves, made tasty with a banana and other fruits! I also love green juices, but don’t have a juicer at home.

♡ Burger and pizza toppings. Spinach is particularly delicious on pizza. Whenever you’re piling on toppings, slip in something green!

♡ Kale chips. These take some tweaking and getting used to, but seasoned and baked right, they are scrumptious. I suggest smoked paprika.

♡ Full English breakfast. Fry up some spinach, and don’t skimp – it shrivels up a lot! Tastes delicious alongside chopped mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers with the English breakfast staple, baked beans.

♡ Inside your head. Change your frame of mind: instead of begrudgingly swallowing spinach, embrace how green veggies make you look and feel good: good for skin, energy, vision (I notice a difference, at least!), and for preventing disease. What’s not to love?

Healthy Food Fit for a Heroine

For more healthy hints, listen to this week’s episode of FabulosiTEA: Eating Your Greens, Made Glamourous. [Here for iTunes!]

How do you sneak in greens?

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