Heroine in Training: Suzanna the De-Cluttering Dragon


Jun 16 2014

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Heroine in Training: Suzanna the De-Cluttering Dragon

During the MinsGame, I was so inspired by my teammate Suzanna (aka @RockRollHippie) as she took her first steps into minimalism! She’s been majorly downsizing, not just in her home, but with her online identity, which has been reduced to mysterious near-anonymity. Her style is the polar opposite of mine, but our principles are the same!

What surprised you about de-cluttering?

De-cluttering – apparently – is different from re-organizing. I realize now that I was not de-cluttering, but moving things around many, many times. Just cut the crap. You cannot organize clutter! I thought I owned too much stuff, but really: my stuff was owning me. It weighted me down. De-cluttering can be (is!) very overwhelming and energy-draining. The same goes for owning a lot of stuff, on a daily basis. Year in, year out. Better bite the bullet. Out of sight, out of mind: stuff out the house is a load taken off the mind.

What does being a heroine mean to you?

It means “be the heroine of your own story”. In my case: she may not always choose the right or easiest path in life, but she’ll get there. She enjoys the moment, and is always moving forward. She’s independent, playful, a trooper who takes a backseat when needed, and more curious than brave. She’s interested in fellow heroine’s stories, challenges herself, faces her fears, goes on adventures, and makes mistakes. She tries to do her best; she believes nothing is impossible. You live, you learn. Overcome. And live happily ever after.

Heroine in Training: Suzanna the De-Cluttering Dragon

What is your daily ritual?

The start of my day is the most important part for me. It’s one full hour of total me-time. After waking up the first thing I do is pour myself a cup of coffee my sweet husband has left for me in the pot [he gets up at 4 so he can enjoy almost the same relaxing ritual of “Me Time” before he goes to work a busy day.]. Than I make myself some breakfast. Whatever I do, I always eat a proper breakfast – 2 slices of bread – within an hour of waking up. I choose to enjoy my breakfast in bed while reading the newspaper online, checking e-mail etc. Than I get dressed and I am more than ready for whatever the day will bring.

How has de-cluttering changed your life?

In a big, huge, massive way! I come from a long line of hoarders. Buy, collect, store, repeat: that’s how I’ve been raised. All I knew. It’s been a long process, but I found a way to break that habit. When I started letting go of things a tiny bit, I already felt so much better. It’s much easier to breath and relax without stuff around me: constant reminders of things done and things to do. Now I feel more creative. Lighter, happier, proud & free. I can focus better on what is important for me. Back to basics. Quality over quantity.

I’ve gone from a self-confessed shopaholic to a practicing minimalist in about four years. During my progress I always joked I’d be debt- and clutter-free at forty. Well, mission accomplished! I got rid of 4000+ things by de-cluttering & playing MinsGame, paid my dues, lost 55 lbs. in weight and gained back my life.

Heroine in Training: Suzanna the De-Cluttering Dragon

What is your shopping strategy?

I shopped mostly on impulse, so I have come up with a few rules:

♡ Shop only for what you need.

♡ Make a list.

♡ Buy only what you honestly need, absolutely love, and – with clothes – could see yourself wearing every day.

Shopping is way more relaxing when you only have to look at one color. For example: (my husband and) I have been wearing nothing but black clothes for at least 10 years now. So in the clothing shops I’d just look at anything black. Also, I know what fabrics I like wearing (machine wash/tumble-dry) and I can spot it on the clothing racks. In our home it’s also: one in, one out. Makes you think twice of what you’d get rid of before you buy something new/a replacement.

With which character from fiction do you most identify?

This question made me laugh out loud and I seriously enjoyed thinking about how to answer it for days. There’s only one character I could come up with: Falkor, the luck-dragon from The Never Ending Story. He’s likes to be outdoors, is totally relaxed, and there when you need him. He will help you on your way, he’s very open minded, and believes everything is possible with a bit of luck. Oh and he’s not afraid to wear a bit of glitter!

miss xandra bee

P.S. If you fancy joining the MinsGame like Suzanna and I did, take a look at the beginning: I’m Getting Rid of 496 Things.

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