Heroines I Met This Week / 001


Jan 30 2015

Gold Tape

Heroines I Met This Week / 001

in a book // Rosemary & Fern in We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. I am obsessed with this book. It has kept me up way past my bedtime.

on a blog // My go-to blog-boosting inspiration is Sarah Von Bargen. She even started her own series imagining literary characters in 2015. Obsessed.

in a song // Lorde in “Tennis Court.” She had me at Pure Heroine.

in the cinema // So proud of Emma Stone for her Oscar nom in Birdman, which is an interesting commentary on art and one’s personal story.

on netflix // I’ve plunged back into Rosewood, and Hanna Marin of all people made a Madame Dufarge reference. Unfamiliar with A Tale of Two Cities, I had to look that one up. Then it appeared in the novel I’m reading ^. Pretty Little Liars: surprisingly educational.

on youtube // J’aime the Daily Connoissuer, if you can’t already tell. I recommend her books like once a day.

on a podcast // I’m hooked on Nathalie Lussier‘s bite-sized business podcast, Off the Charts. Her Spiral Staircase concept is especially brill.

on instagram // @luxuryandopulence is exactly as ahhhh it sounds.

in a dream // I was invited to Taylor Swift’s apartment and she recited a scene from Hamlet.

Who did you meet this week? Do introduce us.

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