Heroines I Met This Week / 002


Feb 13 2015

Gold Tape

Heroines I Met This Week / 002

in a book // i’m getting reacquainted with liz gilbert in her fascinating eat pray love sequel, committed

on a blog // while i usually love the briar rose blog for the fashion and the disney, it’s the pancakes that megan’s got me seriously craving lately

in a song // faith hill came up on shuffle and i was like, i need more faith hill this winter. [the video’s pretty nostalgically wacky].

on netflix // i finally got around to watching frances ha. it made me feel quite content in an i-relate-to-this and this-is-endearingly-sad kind of way. round of applause for greta gerwig.

on instagram / / @swannandtheberries. minimal chic, with teeny tiny objects & sweet shoes. [are you on instagram? leave your handle in the comments!]

in the cinema // the ladies of big hero 6: smart, strong and super sweet students of science who “woman up!” and wear the best outfits:

Heroines I Met This Week / 002

on a podcast / / i’ve been calmed by jess lively‘s the lively show. great energy, and great talks on values & intentions.

in edinburgh / / lingerie & beauty haven odyssey boutique‘s sarah is fabulously professional.

in vogue / / sara battaglia designs the most bold adorable colour-blocked mini handbags.

>> now it’s time to meet you! introduce yourself in the comments and you might appear here in our next edition :)


P.S. a guide for heroines: what to read on an urban adventure.

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