Heroines I Met This Week / 006


May 10 2015

Gold Tape

Heroines I Met This Week / 005
in a book // Giving my childhood some closure by reading the last book in the Artemis Fowl series. Holly Short has still got it.


on a blog // Light By Coco, aka most fashionable minimalist Slytherin on the Internet, is back from her vlogging vacation!


in a song // How adorable and talented are these sisters covering Beyoncé?

on netflix // As a James Franco and Ashley Benson fan, I’d been meaning to watch Spring Breakers for a while. And man it is a strange, uncomfortable film. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it, but I think I love it, and if anything there are some crazy strong heroines in it. [emphasis on the crazy].


on instagram // Aesthetics to a t: @designlovefest
Heroines I Met This Week / 005


on a podcast // If you watch Survivor, and don’t listen to Rob Has a Podcast, you should. The lady-guests have been killing it lately: Denise, Sandra, Sophie, Kass…so great.


in the cinema // Go see Far From the Madding Crowd. Just do it. Carey Mulligan excels as boss lady Bathseba.
in edinburgh // I met Nell the friendly border collie when the Therapets visited my uni. Fifteen minutes of stress-relieving petting.

Now it’s time to meet you! Introduce yourself in the comments and you might appear here in our next edition :)
P.S. I met Gossip Girl far more than a week ago, but there is always the excuse for a rerun, especially in chunky necklaces with my mama. Happy mother’s day! :)
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