A Playlist of Hidden Jams + Giveaway


Jun 26 2014

Gold Tape

A Playlist of Hidden Jams + Giveaway

Part of being a heroine is having the soundtrack to back you up. 

While I love me some Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift and Kate Nash, I often wonder about the little-known musicians that are perfect for me, that I have yet to encounter, simply because they aren’t on the radio or performing at the VMAs [yet]. 

That’s why, months ago, I embarked on a project to find you guys some Hidden Jams. Some artists that are making amazing work, that you might have never heard of before. Listen to their stuff, follow them, and maybe find your new obsession. Enjoy! 


1. Try | Bella Ruse | An anthem for summer that feels like an upbeat picnic: exhilarating and sweet at the same time.

2. Sweetest Kiss | Nikki Loy | This girl has a gorgeous jazzy pop voice. Sway along!

3. Keys | Erin Rea | Addictively romantic, Erin’s music is reminiscent of Victorian novels strummed to acoustic guitar.

4. Alice in Wonderland Emma Wallace | Another heroine in training: think literature meets Parisian salons by night.

5. Kiss Kill Candy Says | They call themselves “Lo-fi chic pop” and I can’t put it better. Also, they offer music on cassettes. !

6. William and His Ghost Bethany Weimers | Hauntingly beautiful, lulling you into a mystic trance.

7. Seattle News of Your Departure | News of Your Departure enchants with calm and fuels my desire for adventure.

8. Embers Maitland | For falling asleep peacefully, listen to Maitland and gaze at the stars.

9. Unicorn | Lewis Newcombe-Jones | My favorite Oxford busker has guitar melodies so intricate, they are layers of additional lyrics that paint this magical scene. Lyra’s personal favorite.

A present for you…here’s how to enter.

Everyone can listen to this very special playlist for free on 8tracks, but one lucky reader will get an old fashioned mix CD as well! 

Simply leave a comment, and send some love in the direction of these artists. I’ll take your word on that last part. Giveaway closes 10 July.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Should I do this again next year?

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