How do you treat yourself?


Jan 11 2016

Gold Tape

How do you treat yourself?
Gretchen calls them “treats”. Gisele calls them “micropleasures”. What am I talking about? Essentially, small indulgences we let ourselves have, just to show we care. They’re not rewards – that’s different. These are just because. Guilt free. No strings attached.

Here are some of my treats. What are yours?

  • seasonal body lotion: Korres Vanilla Cinnamon for A/W, Lush Karma Cream for S/S
  • candles at my workspace: Jonathan Adler’s champagne for the new year
  • painting my nails each week: I prefer home manicures.
How do you treat yourself?
  • colouring: I think I have a lifetime supply of adult colouring books. My form of meditation.
  • fancy tea: in the morning, when I check emails, sleepytime, whenever.
  • café time: I could work at my desk every day. But I do love sitting down at a lovely coffee shop, so why not?
  • puppy loo roll: probably more expensive than plain loo roll (I haven’t checked), but it has puppies on it!
  • Muji pens: a treat every time I use them. My favourites.
  • RHAP: I am obsessed with Survivor, and perhaps even more obsessed with Rob Has a Podcast, which recaps it. I pay $5/month to support Rob on Patreon, which gives me access to the patron community. I do this for no other reason than because I love it and it’s fun.
How do you treat yourself?
  • collaging: I enjoy writing in longhand, and then covering up my unneeded notes in inspirational collages of pages I’ve ripped from magazines, and other meaningful bits of paper. Oh and glittery washi tape.
  • my birthday list: a list of such indulgences and adventures, to be completed within the year.
  • monthly adventures: Monkey and I have a few savings projects, mostly for bills and serious things, but we always set aside a chunk for the month’s adventures, whether it’s a weekend road trip or trying a new restaurant.

How about you?


P.S. what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything

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