How Limitation Fosters Creativity


Jul 02 2014

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How Limitation Fosters Creativity

I used to be a compulsive shopper. 

In high school, I acquired ‘bargain’ items on a nearly weekly basis, and I never got rid of anything, even if it was too small. Each morning I allowed half an hour for dress-up sessions, enjoying the challenge of making successful combinations. I took great pride in a friend’s comment: “I’ve never seen you wear the same outfit twice.”

Now most of these pieces were bargains for a reason. The fit was awkward. The buttons were stiff. But never fear! I would work around those things. Fashion challenge.

Enter minimalism.

Despite my massive collection of clothes, I was becoming more and more fascinated by minimalism: the philosophy that less is more. The phenomenon that swept the internet: people were downsizing, and it seemed to make them happier. “I could never do that,” I thought. Until I got into Oxford.

It was my bigger than big dream to study in my favourite, most academical and fantastical place in the world. Actually getting in was so surreal that I hadn’t considered the practicalities until reality struck. When it came time to move across the Atlantic, I looked at my one suitcase and I looked at my closet, and I decided to be a minimalist. I could view this as a disaster, or as a new kind of fashion challenge. I decided to take the challenge.

Advice from Reality TV:

I packed only the most versatile, most me clothes I owned. And after a few weeks, I noticed that I was feeling more fashionable than ever. I thought about something Clinton Kelly said on What Not to Wear: “Limitation fosters creativity”. I can’t remember the original context, but it has become my minimalist mantra. With fewer options, I come up with more combinations. I never would have thought to layer t-shirts over cocktail dresses. Or wear two pairs of tights at once. Or attend a black tie event wearing a sleeping bag cape. Whenever I have a costume occasion, minimalism guides me: I worked my Queen of Hearts Halloween costume around my tutu dress and my Winnie the Pooh Disneybounding around my yellow Pac Man dress

The funny thing is, a year into my minimalist plunge, another friend said, “You must have loads of clothes. I’ve never seen you wear the same thing twice.” I was shocked. I wear the same things all the time. But because I embrace minimalism as a style challenge, I find more creative ways to mix things up. Sometimes just because I haven’t done laundry. Hey, running shorts and heels can look pretty cool.

How Limitation Fosters Creativity

Limitation can lead to creativity in all sorts of realms:

I travel light, so that I can go on more adventures.

♡ I learn new recipes by googling ingredients that need using up.

♡ I limit myself to a blog schedule, within the categories of Mini Adventure, Being a Heroine, Wardrobe, and Minimalism.

♡ I never buy wrapping paper, instead making my own out of scraps.

♡ I turn old diaries into collaging and art journals.

♡ I wrote this blog post by limiting myself to Ollivander Mo‘s prompt: how do you incorporate magic and creativity into your daily life? And I think that worked out okay, right?

How Limitation Fosters Creativity

> I’m proud to be Day 10 on Mo’s Making Magic Tour, the blog-hopping launch of her new services!

How does limitation foster creativity for you?

miss xandra bee

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