How to be Hogwarts

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Nov 19 2013

Gold Tape

How to be Hogwarts

“You’re nice…you’re funny…you’re smart…”

Sure, these are all nice things to say about someone, but really, Hogwarts – not stereotypical romantic compliments – has it all.

Think about it. The four houses represent

  • loyalty
  • bravery
  • intelligence,
  • and ambition.

Aren’t these the qualities we seek in relationships as well?

I’m all for house unity, not just because splitting people into ‘types’ is quite silly, really, but because the combination of these traits represents an ideal person. It’s what we should all strive for, right?

Jo Rowling has covered it all.

Hufflepuffs are open-minded, but loyal to what they believe in.

Gryffindors are brave and daring, which are valuable skills on the Quidditch pitch, but also represent the core of creativity.

Ravenclaws are witty and booksmart. Their puzzle of a common room shows a zest for learning, not just top OWL scores.

Slytherins are cut-throat competitive. They may seem selfish, but really they’re looking out for themselves – and have the confidence to dream big.

Go ahead, sort yourself, but remember that doing so does not restrict you to one path. Be a Gryffinpufflerclaw at heart. Rock all the houses.

miss xandra bee

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