How to Feel Prettier: Pout Edinburgh


Oct 07 2015

Gold Tape


Last Sunday was a day of girly indulgence, because Pout Edinburgh was on! So I donned my tutu – and my smart popsicle shirt, because I was there to learn! – and joined my friend Jasmine for master classes, demonstrations, and shopping the stalls!


Think before you shop.

Fabulous personal stylist Janice Bruce urges us to remember to shop systematically, considering our lifestyles and the types of outfits they require. She also advocates adding colour to your wardrobe, and your life, and I agree!

Narrow down your search for a signature scent.

I get overwhelmed when picking out a fragrance because there are so many! At Debenhams, the first step is to figure out if you want a woody, sweet, or citrus fragrance. If you can figure out which general category you seek, the specialists on hand can help you pick a scent just right for you.

Use wipes well.

At the FakeBake master class I learned to be careful about using facial wipes to clean off your makeup – if you use wipes, and get spots on your chin, it might be because you are wiping all the dirt and makeup from your face onto your chin!

Hydrate hydrate hydrate.

Hydra V taught me that the effects of dehydrated skin don’t appear for 10 years? All the more important to drink water and moisturize your skin! I also learnt that eye cream should be applied around that sensitive eye area rather than directly on it. Aim for the orbital bone just below your eyes – applying eye cream too close to the sensitive skin area will cause puffiness from overload!

Even the mundane should be fun.

Personalise every aspect of your life, and you add that much joy into the everyday. I love how Tyler’s Attic takes ordinary objects like coasters, totes, and luggage tags and makes them sparkle with individuality.

You CAN earn money doing what you love.

From indie designers to stylists to retail reps passionate about a certain project, I met so many inspiring ladies (and gentlemen!) at Pout. Stella & Dot is a jewelry line that empowers ladies who want to try out their entrepreneurial sides, supplying the goods for them to market at small hosted events. Working as an independent stylist is a fantastic way to earn a little money on the side – or it could be your career!

Beauty is confidence.

Diary Doll, which sells extra-protective panties for preventing leaks, reminded me that being your own heroine is having confidence on the inside and out. Give yourself your best shot at feeling confident and letting it shine.


When it comes down to it, we basically know how to take care of ourselves. No matter which products or methods we use, Pout reminded me to invest the time in taking care of myself, that indulging in a bit of pamper is often necessary to recharge. Mark your calendars for you next year’s Pout event, from 24-25 September 2016.


Thank you to Pout for the complimentary ticket. 

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