How to Organize Your To Do List

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Jan 14 2014

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How to Organize Your To Do List

I’m a bit of a productivity junkie. And a huge fan of writing things down.

So first step, write everything down.

“You’re more likely to do the task, big or small, if it’s written down.” – Science

But how you write it down is up to you. Here are two of my methods.

Method 1 – Evernote

Conquer To Do List Organization: Two MethodsI was using this system for about a month before deciding to cut down my screen time. But it is still really good.

  1. Download Evernote.
  2. Create an album called “To Do”.
  3. Create three notes: 1 Today, 2 Tomorrow, and 3 Soon (I label them with numbers so that I can sort by title)
  4. Dump all your tasks into their corresponding categories.
  5. Each night, file your tasks.

Method 2 – Ol’ Fashion Pen & Paper

How to Organize Your To Do ListHow to Organize Your To Do ListThis is my current method. I work better with physical paper. Sorry trees. Since I am juggling several projects at once, I now group by category rather than urgency.

  1. Acquire a notebook and sticky notes.
  2. Place a sticky note for general tasks (such as “schedule haircut” and “buy pens”) on your first page.
  3. The next pages are for separate commitment categories – mine are “Fashionably Light”, “FabulosiTEA”, and “Theatre”. Give each category a page.
  4. Split your categories into “Big Things” and “Little Things” to give some perspective.
  5. Add a post-it note to each category page for listing the most urgent things.
  6. Optional: Decorate notebook with lots of stickers.

The post-it notes give me the freedom to scribble while leaving most of the page free for bigger or long-term tasks.

Get creative and combine the two methods – create Evernote notes for each “category” of tasks, if you prefer.

Just remember, the most important thing is to get it done, so get to work people!

What’s your To Do List strategy? Any tips to add?

miss xandra bee
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