How to Polaroid Like Taylor Swift


Mar 24 2015

Gold Tape

How to Polaroid Like Taylor Swift I never quite knew what to do with my Instax camera. Until Taylor Swift started the whole 1989 Polaroid thing.

When my Deluxe album arrived, all of a sudden I had more TSwift polaroids than I knew what to do with on top of my budding Instax collection. Uhhh…

How to Polaroid Like Taylor Swift

Then I read in British Vogue that Taylor’s piano is covered in polaroids from her latest house party.

Boom. I like to host house parties [of the dining, colouring, and board-game-playing variety, mostly]. I have a somewhat Polaroid-esque camera. I do not have a piano [yet.], but I do have a windowsill.


Instaxes are better with captions in Sharpie [à la Swift], and because I’m that chic, my Sharpie happens to be from a Colette signing with Scutt Schuman. Now my captions are all coined phrases and in-jokes from said soirées. And of course, the TSwift polaroids are in the mix because she is totally at all my parties in spirit.


What do you do with your photos? How do you display them? Share your secrets :) One of the reasons I love my Instax is because the product is tangible in an age when it’s so easy to take a million digital photos and forget about them.


P.S. Redefining luxury in the wilderness.

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