How to Scramble in Style

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 16 2014

Gold Tape

How to Scramble in StyleNo matter how well I plan ahead, I tend to scramble at the last minute before weekends away. Or even just a day away. I was going to write about “how to avoid the scramble”, but let’s be honest: it happens anyway.

So I say, scramble in style.

My usual, tamed to do list seems to go out the window in the mad rush before going out the door. As I hurry to pick up one thing, I think of two more things. 

When my mind goes into overdrive like this, I take a moment to stop, get out a sheet of dinosaur notepaper, a sparkly gel pen, and write those tasks down. Off my mind, onto the page.

Sure, jotting things down on the back of a used envelope works too, but I like using paper that makes me smile. It reminds me to calm down.

miss xandra bee
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