How to use the To-Do Section of Your Passion Planner


Aug 17 2016

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How to Use the To-Do Section of your Passion Planner

I’m back with another video in my Passion Planning series! I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I do making them. This time I’m talking about:

  • how to use your Passion Planner for organising weekly tasks
  • why you should set your weekly tasks all at once
  • why you should estimate how much time each task will take
  • why you should fill up personal and work no matter how busy you are
  • how to prioritise tasks that are both urgent and important
  • why your tasks should be contained to the set spaces, and not overflow
  • how to phrase your tasks in a way that makes you more likely to complete them
  • how to be more productive and time efficient
  • why you should highlight your finished tasks
  • what to do about tasks that come up last minute

^ oh wow that’s a lot! Plus, I mention:

How to use the To-Do Section of Your Passion Planner

What are your best planning tips and strategies? What are you struggling with? Let me know and I might dedicate a video to YOU!

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