I Feel on Top of Things When…


Oct 06 2020

Gold Tape
A list of things I do that make me Feel On Top of Things. Pretty ordinary things, really. (This was supposed to be a blog post but is kind of a poem too).

I Feel on Top of Things When…

I’m caught up on laundry.
The basket isn’t overflowing.
I change the sheets, towels, and kitchen linens (including the washcloth!) once a week.

I confirm scheduled calls 24 hours in advance.

I arrive 5 minutes early.

I write first.
I journal before I get into any other tasks in my day, even if it’s just a couple sentences on a busy one.

I wake up on time.
I start work on time.
I have enough space at breakfast to ponder The Stage crossword.
I finish reading the articles I want to in The Stage before the next issue arrives each Monday.

I can see my entire inbox without scrolling.
I reply to things by Friday afternoon.

I paint my nails.
I trim them and paint them and wait patiently for them to dry.

I keep a cup of water within arm’s reach.
I remember to drink my tea.

I wish my friends a happy birthday on time or early.
I check my voter registration.

I do what I can to care for my health.
I make lemon ginger tea with honey to soothe a sore throat.
I heat up Cosy for aching muscles.
I call the GP when I need to book an appointment.
I make an Apple appointment when my laptop is showing signs of sickness too.

I clear my desk between tasks.
I take time to care for my needs, to refill my cup, use the loo.
I wipe down the table where I work.
I clear the kitchen counters, and clean the hobs.
I dust, especially the wifi tower, the printer, and my Jane Austen library – key parts of my home office.
I clean my phone and laptop with screen cleaner before they get too smudgy.

The list goes on and on.
There’s a lot I can’t control. There’s a lot that I can.
Being certain of what makes me feel on top of things helps.

What’s on your list?
P.S. Please write back. I would love to hear your list too :)

P.P.S. This list/poem was inspired by September’s theme, Certain, in Everyday Wonderland, my weekly one-minute programme for finding wonder where you already are. A new month in Everyday Wonderland begins tomorrow, with the chapter title 
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