Improv Webinar on Monday!


May 26 2016

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Improv Webinar on Monday!

What’s this? Another free workshop? Sweet!

I had such a great time chatting with Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell about acting and confidence on Wednesday – you can still catch the replay here before it expires on Friday! – and now I am on a webinar roll.

So,  join me in conversation with improv trainer and actress Laura Doorneweerd on how improvisation techniques can be life-changing in the “real” world.

Join us LIVE on Monday, 30 May at 3PM BST (10am EST, 7am PST) for our webinar “Improv Life Skills: Embracing the Unknown”.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn. . .

1. How to be okay with not knowing what’s going to happen next. Let’s shake your control freak tendencies and live in the moment!

2. Why failure isn’t so terrible, and how to enjoy it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just let go of expectations? Well in improv, that’s exactly what you do.

3. How to live in the here and now. Communicate more clearly, listen more intently, and live with a more positive mindset.

And so much more. Get ready to be inspired.

I hope you’ll join us on Monday!

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See you then!


P.S. What do you do with a BA in English? What is your liiiife going to be?

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