in 2012 i…


Jan 01 2013

Gold Tape

in 2012 i..^ drank pink tea

read inspiring books like style statement and the perks of being a wallflowerwon a shakespearean baking contest. climbed in the wye valley, peak, fontainebleau, portland, and north wales, and saw lots of sheepran a marathon relay in prague. returned to corpus christi college to work at oxford prep. went onstage with axis of awesome. started a blog. went to france for the first time. wrote about mr. darcy. met scott schuman twice. retired from oxford theatre review. completed mario kart double dash with sister. stickered through the entire atomic burger menu. watched the last episode of gossip girl ever. was theatrically enchanted by sleep no more, gatz, creation’s odyssey, pippin (twice), and matilda. lunched and adventured with many friends, and made lots of new ones too.

happy new year,

xandra ★


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