Minimalist Challenge: Inbox Zero


Feb 04 2015

Gold Tape

Minimalist Challenge: Inbox Zero

This month we’re tackling Digital Clutter! Is email eating up space in your brain and your day? It might be time to tighten up your system.

Each day I purge my inbox with focus, sometimes all the way down to Inbox Zero!

What You Need

  • a filtering system. Use filters to automatically drop certain types of emails in certain folders. I’m doing this right now to keep all of Sarah’s Romance Yourself email gems in one place!
  • a to do list. As Leo Babauta points out, your inbox does not make an effective to do list. Don’t let emails sit around because they’re reminding you to do something – put this reminder somewhere else!
  • a calendar. A lot of emails have to do with scheduling. Have the tools to write down events immediately.
  • a cup of tea. [optional, but super effective].

My Top 4 Tips for Dealing with Email

What are your email tips for getting your inbox to zero? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. How did you do on last month’s challenge? If you missed it, have a look!

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