Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 11 2013

Gold Tape

Last week I started the Oxford Indie Easter Trail, a super-fun way to discover new shops, even just to pop in, get a free sticker, and say hello! Plus, there’s chocolate at the end.

5. Will’s Deli, 5 Woodstock Road

Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2! Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!

Brought to you by the makers of the Vaults & Garden and Alpha Bar, Will’s Deli (formerly Woodstock Road Delicatessen) is a fabulously deliciously healthy yummy comfy place to eat. Can you tell I love it? Oh and they do vegan cake.

6. Cowboy Mod, 33 Walton StreetIndie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!

Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!Would you guess that this is the decor for a barber shop? No, neither would I. Oh man, looks like I’ve found the perfect place to get dolled up to go to Atomic Burger. They do discounted rates for students (guys and girls) and would generally make an awesome atmosphere for a haircut, doncha think?

7. Oxford Yarn Store, 3 North Parade Avenue

Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!Look at the pretty colours! And the sparkly ones! This shop tempts me to take up knitting again on top of revision (hey, even my tutor recommended it as a relaxing activity!).

8. The Oxford Ceramics Gallery, 29 Walton Street

Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2! Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!

Minimalist eye candy. This shop features some of the world’s top potters. Oh the zen of tea.

9. Daisies Flower Shop, 106 Walton Street


Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Part 2!Isn’t the storefront adorably English? The scent inside is just heavenly, as are the bright bouquets (or tiny ones like the above) for sale. The sign says “Come inside for a dose of spring!” I second that!

You can hop on the Easter trail by stopping at any of the shops on the map – it’s on until 14 April. Happy sticker-hunting!

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