Oxford Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Finale!

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 30 2013

Gold Tape

I’ve been busy hopping from shop to independent shop this Easter season, following Oxford’s Indie Easter Egg hunt!

Minimalism and indie shops go hand in hand – when I’m mindful about how much I own, I also became more mindful about what I own. Each possession should tell a story, ideally, and often the best stories come from indie shops, where conversations with shopkeepers tend to be more inspiring and personal.

Here is the final part of my journey (Part 1, Part 2).

10. Casa Rose Boudoir, 74a Walton Street

Oxford Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Finale!

As soon as I saw the pink-and-white exterior, I knew Casa Rose and I would get along. The shop, Hollywood-ly postered, has a lovely range of clothing and accessories.

11. Frog Orange, 179 Kingston Road

Oxford Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Finale!

What a whimsical party shop! They specialise in quirky balloons, including ones that float in the middle of the room like this dog above. Makes me giggle. Also check out the themed sweets cups – there’s even a “Man Sweets” variety.

12. Walton Street Cycles, 78 Walton Street

Oxford Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Finale!

First I’d like to point out that Walton Street Cycles owns spoke.co.uk. I found that cute. If you, like I, already own a bicycle, it’s still a great place to browse helmets, which will please the cyclistas who want a bit more style.

13. Fabulous Flowers Oxford, 63 Banbury Road

Oxford Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Finale!

A rustically gorgeous flower shop that sells bulbs in tea cups. Nuff said.

14. Exclusive Roots, 8 Woodstock Road

Oxford Indie Easter Egg Hunt ~ Finale!

The journey started and ended at Exclusive Roots, a Fair Trade shop that sells beautiful and inspiring pieces, straight from the artists, to benefit the charity Tabeisa UK, which promotes the social and economic development of African communities. From bike baskets to ceramics to chocolate, there’s more to every piece than it seems – make sure to ask about what makes each unique!

by miss xandra bee

P.S. See parts 1 and 2

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