Inside My Jewellery Box


Jul 18 2014

Gold Tape

Inside My Jewellery Box 

I’m packing up my suitcase for another move, and I thought I’d share everything in my portable jewelry box here!

This week’s episode of FabulosiTEA is on Selecting Signature Jewellery.

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Xandra Necklace

^ A “Carrie” necklace had been on my wish list for a while, so when oNecklace offered to send me one, I said yes please! If you would like your own, you can use the coupon code FASHION to get 10% off.

Inside My Jewellery Box

The Dino

My signature pink dino necklace is from a keyring I had in kindergarten. I use the chain from my Deathly Hallows necklace below.

Kate Spade Jewels

I love the bright colours, so I snatched this one up in a sale.

Inside My Jewellery Box

Pac Man Necklace

This Etsy find was a Christmas present, and I love how the dots sort of make it look like a pearl necklace. Only nerdier.

Inside My Jewellery Box


While I have been known to wear actual climbing gear as hats, belts, and capes, this piece merely reminds me of the sport. A present from my aunt, from Georgetown Jewelry!

Inside My Jewellery Box


I bought this lightning bolt necklace straight from the I Am Acrylic designer at a market, and she said that a Harry Potter reference was unintentional! Still. The Deathly Hallows necklace is from a vendor at LeakyCon.

Inside My Jewellery Box

Big Dipper, Small Penguin

These are presents from The Monkey, and are automatically included in each of my capsule collections. The Ursa Major necklace is also from Etsy.

What are your signature pieces?

miss xandra bee

 P.S. thoughts on sentimental jewellery and how to define it

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