Invitation to a Unique Experience: Want to Play?


May 02 2017

Gold Tape

Invitation to a Unique Experience: Want to Play?

Whenever I go to New York, I see a play (of course). 

Usually I go to TKTS, hunting down last-minute deals. One year, I decided to see Sleep No More. I’d heard good things, but the ticket price was more than I was used to paying, and it was never on sale. Huh. Well, it was supposed to be amazing, so I went for it.

Within a few minutes of entering the McKittrick Hotel, my perspective on value was shaken up. 

This show was unlike anything I’d experienced. I had purchased my ticket to another world, a truly immersive experience, just like the production promised.

Punchdrunk combines dance, theatre, Shakespeare, music, and film noir; it stimulates all of the senses. It packages all of these things together and gives you an evening to explore them, to don the mask that signifies your participation as not just an audience member, but a part of the story.

I want to create experience like the ones I have at Punchdrunk productions – ones that make you go “there’s nothing quite like it”…

Sure I can play the  Sleep No More soundtrack at home, turn off the lights, put on my mask, light a candle and read Macbeth. I can flip through my coffee table book of Punchdrunk photography while sipping whisky. 

Similarly, you can click through the Heroine Training archives at your leisure, watching the videos and scrolling through my photos on Instagram to paste together your own curriculum for free.

Invitation to a Unique Experience: Want to Play?

Or, you can come to Leading Lady summer camp.

What Leading Lady does is bind the storybook together for you, so you can follow the chronology of the theatrical process in more vivid detail. What Leading Lady does is infuse the liveness of theatre into your everyday life. 

You and your fellow cast members are a collective, on the same overall journey – production, if you will – each with your distinct roles within. We check in each week for Rehearsal, and the programme culminates in an Opening Night, where we celebrate our progress together.

Acting inspires action.

Punchdrunk’s productions inspire the audience to take initiative: you could linger in the same corner of the same room for the evening, or you can see what’s around the corner. Either way, you are making a choice, and acting on it. Enrolling in Leading Lady is taking action. You can read passively, or you can join us, and enjoy the play.

 Registration for Leading Lady is now open. Enroll before the spaces fill up!

P.S. I have a bundle of extra goodies that come with your registration when you’re an early bird! The sooner you sign up, the more surprises you shall receive ;) Read more about Leading Lady.

Invitation to a Unique Experience: Want to Play?

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