my ipod touch: favourite features

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 07 2013

Gold Tape

my ipod touch: favourite features^ this is toadette. i adore her tovicorrie case from bristol. it even says t for toadette.

for christmas i asked to replace my iphone with an ipod touch and a simple call-n-text phone. my wish was granted! besides her shiny pinkness, here are my favourite features of my new ipod touch:

clock. my alarm for waking up and my timer for baking, set to a custom morning glow ringtone sister made me.

music. stores way more than my entire itunes library, so i don’t need to write a separate playlist.

camera. a simple space-saving solution to keeping a high-quality camera on me constantly.

reminders. the only ones i list are my sparklify steps, set to alert me daily (to the sherwood forest ringtone. makes me feel epic.).

notes. i keep lists of city exploration to-do’s to have them with me on the go.

simple, but plenty to keep me happy. i like small things, like toadette herself. 

xandra ★

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