Minspiration Monday: Jane Austen’s Writing Table

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 29 2013

Gold Tape

Minspiration Monday: Jane Austen's Writing Table

Perhaps you know by now that I’m a massive Jane Austen nerd. After falling in love with her novels [and characters] I appreciated her all the more as a minimalist role model.

Just think – those masterpieces were born out of the simplicity above! It brings to mind a strong direct connection between the stories in her head and on her well-hidden papers, free from distraction.

Also look how tiny her table is. Note to Self: Next time I’m left with the tiny table in the coffeeshop, I’ll think Jane Austen, not deprivation.

by miss xandra bee

P.S. more on Jane Austen pervading my everyday life

photo: Jane Austen’s World

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