Jekyll & Hyde

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 18 2013

Gold Tape

Jekyll & Hyde

Creation Theatre, gem of Oxford, and indeed, of the theatre world en general, charms me once again with their latest, a one-man rendition of Jekyll & Hyde. One of my favourite quirks of the company is its choice of unusual locations, and nestling this production among the thousands of books in Blackwell’s Norrington Room was a success yet again.

I was invited to the production by a small newspaper-print pamphlet that was sent to my pidge [as a proud Creation subscriber], complete with tiny articles to style with its matching Victorian-eqsue posters. On the night they sold programmes on normal paper, but tied up with a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel on which the play is based. Clever!

As usual, I dressed to theme, channeling the black, white, and red of the poster. A Betsey Johnson corset-inspired top is kind of Victorian too I suppose…

Here I wear also the sleeves of The BU Dress, but as a jacket. Even more transformative than perhaps intended!

Jekyll & Hyde miss xandra bee
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