on sentimental jewellery


Dec 13 2012

Gold Tape

on sentimental jewellery^ betsey johnson necklace and janine basil headband with a thinking cup peppermint cupcake

while writing this post, i examined my jewellery collection for examples of what i planned to express: how my favourite pieces are the ones that represent me symbolically (bees. stars. cupcake and tea set rings.) and the ones chosen just for me by friends. i came to a mid-post epiphany! these characteristics should be jewellery box requirements. when i removed the pieces that fail both categories, i was left with a clean, personalised selection. the random necklaces i wore for just for “style” do not empower or inspire me. so why keep them? (edit: they’re now in my ebay shop)it’s not just me. blake lively told teen vogue: “i think jewellery should be sentimental. you should never buy a piece just because”. in an ideal wardrobe, this should apply to everything. but jewellery transcends fit and function, and can make that ideal real.

do you agree? i would love to hear about your favourite pieces :)

thoughtfully jewelled,

xandra ★

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