Jungle Book Jewellery & Mowgli Chic


Apr 28 2016

Gold Tape

Jungle Book Jewellery and Mowgli Chic

This heroine in training takes dressing for the occasion very seriously. So with tickets secured for the new live action Jungle Book, I did some research [see my copy of Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading above].

Putting together my Winnie the Pooh Disneybound outfit proved delightful, so my initial idea was to go as one of the Jungle Book characters. This pretty much means wearing all black as Bagheera or all grey as Baloo. Neither of which are acceptable, in my opinion.

Jungle Book Jewellery and Mowgli Chic

This project would require more than pairing items of clothing together. In fact, it would involve a different kind of pear entirely.

Inventing the Prickly Pear Necklace

I got out some index cards and my Disney Princess magic marker set, and doodled some fruit, inspired by Baloo’s skewer of paw-paws and prickly pears.

The plan was to stitch them together like beads, but tape ended up working better.


  1. Draw, colour, and cut out fruits.
  2. ‘Laminate’ each ‘bead’ with clear sellotape.
  3. Sellotape the sellotaped beads together in necklace shape.
  4. Tape a loop of thread to each end.
  5. Cut a length of rope, measuring around your neck.
  6. Secure one end of rope through one looped end in a simple overhand knot.
  7. Secure other end around your neck to wear.
Jungle Book Jewellery and Mowgli Chic

Optional: Ask your hairdresser for ‘The Mowgli’ and rock that #MowgliChic bob.

[Or maybe that step was totally unintentional. You decide.]

Jungle Book Jewellery and Mowgli Chic

I wore as much grey as I could bear in honour of Baloo’s fur [no pun intended], but could not help but add more jungle-appropriate vibrance in my skirt. And shoes to match the banana bunches.

I am especially glad that I wore my prickly pear design, because – spoiler – THERE ARE NO PRICKLY PEARS IN THE FILM. Somebody had to represent, and I happily took up this responsibility. Also, Christopher Walken did not scat or beatbox. But I’m okay with that, as long as said musical renditions appear in a deleted scene.

Dressing to theme is totally do-able, and perhaps even more fun as a minimalist. I love the challenge of working with what I’ve got to create something that makes me giddy.

happy crafting,


P.S. Themed DIY accessories have become a recent hobby/passion of mine. See my R2D2 fascinator and my Bertie Bott-inspired outfit. I am very proud.

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