on investing in art (kate nash edition)


Nov 14 2012

Gold Tape

^ selecting a favourite kate nash song on my dino notepad

last year kate nash visited my uni and talked about girl power and sang and i was mesmerised. she struck me as humble, candid, witty, as authentic as a friend. the real life kate nash lived up to and enhanced the music that inspires me to write, sing, and express. this afternoon she tweeted this video announcing her pledge account in which: she makes cake (rainbow cake). she crochets. and there is a bunny. this girl continues to exceed my soaring expectations of her. in a whim of spontaneity i decided to purchase one of the exclusives: a handwritten and decorated lyric sheet. my very first art investment. which song? i chose i hate seagulls, the one she sang for us, which embraces the simple little truths that together embody one person, and all the feelings that are love. ★ 

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