a portable library (aka my kindle)

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 21 2012

Gold Tape

^ my kindle (his name is marvin) and his case, by bertie’s closet

at first i was a bookhugging dissenter. the familiar arguments: i like the feel of books. (let’s be honest. i like the smell of books. especially american hardcover harry potter books.). but when it comes to being a traveling englishist, the kindle is a lifesaver. and as it turns out, my marvin is also an excellent cure for being an indecisive bookworm. (actually one of the awesome things about minimalism that people don’t really talk about is that it is *in general* an excellent cure for indecision. ditto vegetarianism.). there are also cool things like note-taking and text-searching (pause. when one is an english student, one hears “text” and thinks literature before, like, “txt”) and discreet word-looking-up-in-internal-dictionary-ing. and now i have my own personal robot buddy. 

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