Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Halloween

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Oct 31 2013

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Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate HalloweenHappy Halloween!

There is still time to celebrate the best holiday ever. Here are some ideas:

★ Dress up. You can still throw something together. Be a witch’s cat à la Briar Rose, or embrace geek chic as suggested on College Fashion. At the very least wear black and orange!

★ Watch Halloween episodes of your favourite TV shows. Like Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens.

★ Carry around extra candy and hand it out.

★ Burst through a set of doors and shout TROLL IN THE DUNGEON.

★ Carve or decorate a pumpkin. See suggestions at Disguised by Zebras.

★ Watch a film starring your favourite witch, such as Kiki’s Delivery Service.

★ Set your desktop wallpaper to something Halloweeny. Check out The Cherry Blossom Girl‘s Halloween post for inspiration.

★ Eat Halloween-shaped chocolate.

Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Halloween

★ Or make your own Halloween treats.

★ Join Trawler Girl‘s virtual Halloween party in support of the British Heart Foundation.

★ Check out your local cinema for Halloween-y screenings.

★ Put a white sheet over your head and say BOO.

★ Wander through a cemetery [I just did].

★ Read a spooky story.

★ Change your Facebook profile to reflect your costume.

Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Halloween

★ Sneak up behind someone singing “This is Halloween”.

★ Jot down ideas for your Halloween costume for next year and get on it.

Hooray! How are you celebrating?

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