My Latest Passion Planner Tip: the Ideal Week Template


Jun 28 2016

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My Latest Passion Planner Tip: the Ideal Week Template
It was one of my more brilliant ideas, and between you and me, that’s saying something.

One of my favourite exercises is sitting down with a pen and a blank page and scribbling down my ideal lifestyle. I start with a day and expand to a week, jotting down lists of things I want to learn and do.

In a stroke of genius – due to a lack of pages – I used the first, unused week of my planner to create this template in a very visual way.

I marvel over this, and explain it here:

Some things I learned from this exercise:

  • I only really want to have lunch out with a friend once a week. I used to think my ideal week would include going out to fabulous lunches with friends daily. When I mapped it out on paper, though, I realised that once is enough.
  • I want to go for a walk after lunch. I knew I wanted to walk lots and get exercise, but brainstorming with actual times attached got me thinking about when.
  • Pizza and a movie in is a treat. What do I really honestly want to do on Friday night? Staying in with pizza and watching a movie on our own sofa is a form of luxury.
  • Mindful dining is also a treat.Looking back on my most memorable parts of the year so far,  they often involve not just good food, but a certain attention to it. Eating at a nice restaurant as an occasion, not out of laziness. Cooking up a storm and having guests over.
What does your ideal week look like? What does it actually look like when you map it out on paper?

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