How to Design Your Superhero Uniform


Aug 26 2014

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Lesson 5: Designing Your Superhero Uniform

Dress to feel superb. You deserve it.

Lesson 5: Designing Your Superhero Uniform

It may seem superficial, but have you ever felt a rush of confidence by dressing up? Alternately, have you ever felt underdressed or disheveled, or simply not yourself because of what you were wearing? Chances are, you’ve experienced both. Being the heroine that you are, you deserve to feel the former all the time.

Lesson 5: Designing Your Superhero Uniform

How to design your Superhero uniform:

Your Superhero uniform is ready-made for feeling like you’re killin’ it. Comfort comes in two parts: physical and psychological, and your uniform balances both. Remember that those super fine shoes are only as magical as you wear them: so no teetering in stilettos. Only strutting allowed. And if you can’t manage that, rock combat boots instead [like me].

Lesson 5: Designing Your Superhero Uniform

Imagine the most fantastic scenario.

What is the most amazing event you could be invited to? Now imagine it’s happening tomorrow and you’re going to be there. It could be walking the red carpet, opening for your favourite band, or taking tea with the Mad Hatter. What would you wear?

Dress for the fabulous life you want, and it will become the fabulous life you have.

Even if you’re not going to your amazing event, make-believing you are allows you to carry an element of it with you.

Lesson 5: Designing Your Superhero Uniform

Choose your colours.

Find what makes your confidence soar, whether it’s wearing your favourite colour, one you know complements your skin, or the one whose properties you wish to channel. Wear a red dress everyday, if you feel like it.

Identify your style icons and favourite pieces.

Whose wardrobe would you raid? It can be fictional or fantastical, from the Olsen twins to Aria Montgomery. If you like someone’s haircut, chances are, you want that style for yourself. Sometimes it takes time to connect these seemingly obvious thoughts, but take a moment to think: if you sigh over every maxi dress you see traipse by, or get giddy at the sight of a tutu, why not wear it yourself?

Claim meaning in what you wear.

Wear a pendant from a loved one, a dress purchased from your favourite boutique, or a scarf collected on your travels. The energy from all the stories you wear will power you through your adventures. Every day, at least one component of my outfit is super special. Today it’s my lightning bolt necklace I bought straight from the designer, and my super soft and warm cashmere jumper from the sheep-saving brand Izzy Lane [Receive 20% off your own Izzy Lane purchase with code XAG2!].

Where to begin? Ask yourself: what 5 key items define my personal style?

Recognise each part of the process.

From styling your hair to doing your makeup (or for me, usually just swiping on shimmering eyeshadow) to lacing up your Converses, treat each task like a ritual rather than a chore: you are preparing not only your appearance, but your spirit that will thrive with you through the day.


If you have a Pinterest style board, share the link! [here’s mine!]

What are the 5 key pieces that define your personal style?

When has dressing up made you feel like a heroine?

Share your progress in the comments!

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