Letters From Jane Austen is Back!


Apr 24 2020

Gold Tape

Dear Reader,

What do Mulan, Gossip Girl, and Letters From Jane Austen have in common? They’re all getting 2020 reboots!

A few years ago, I embarked on a Jane Austen reread, covering all six novels in a year, and writing a letter for each week. I’ve been revisiting the project, and am so excited to announce to you that it’s ready!

Letters From Jane Austen is part book club, part journaling. I guide you through, a few chapters at a time, inviting reflection on what it means to be your own heroine.

At this time, I want give people an opportunity to connect with each other in the best way I know how – over good books 🙂 So for the rest of April, in addition to reading along with me, you can bring a plus on your Jane Austen journey: buy one gift one free!

Read more and join here!


Until the Next Chapter,


P.S. You may also bring as many dogs as you wish, as long as they share the same email address as you. 🐾

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