Micro-Pleasure Monday: Writing letters

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 10 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasure Monday: Writing letters

Micro-pleasure No.21 – Writing letters

Yes, today we are fortunate for the convenience of emailing and texting and – ahem – blogging – but nothing beats the thrill of getting a handwritten letter in the mail (Maaaaail tiiiime!). Except perhaps, getting out a nice pen and a fresh sheet of paper and writing back. I journal daily and love the sweeping motion of word-dumping onto a good old fashioned page, but there’s something about writing for a friend’s eyes to read that transcends even that. Back in the days of dial up, I used to write letters to pen pals nearly daily, and I miss that. Don’t you?

Let’s continue the list of micro-pleasures I started last week…

22. Free wifi.

23. bright red nail polish.

24. yoga in the morning (my favourite routine, led by Tara Stiles)

25. fresh-squeezed orange juice at G&D’s

26. cutting my custom vegan cake from Sugar Rush to discover that the inside was rainbow

27. turning pockets of Oxford into photo shoot locations with the BU Dress creative team

28. spontaneous runs through Christ Church meadow

29. kids scootering through town

30. purchasing tickets to Punch Drunk’s latest

31. the healing power of conscious breathing

32. free music – like Erin Rea’s ethereal new EP

by miss xandra bee


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