links i like ~ relationships, birthday parties, & your period

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 25 2013

Gold Tape

link love ~ relationships, birthday parties, & your period^ this is a snowman i like. he lives outside religion in shoreditch. (or…lived?!). happy friday!

hey there! here are some internet things that made me think, smile, or both. enjoy :)

★ a list of 29 dates to go on with your best friend. (my favourite is #5)

★ a woman whose style i hope to embody, from just one picture

★ the fabulous things designers have done with wool this year

★ the most fun how to survive a period guide i’ve ever read

★ once again, john green delivers awesome insight on relationships 

★ simply adorable advice for planning birthday parties (for kids. but i’m totally using it anyway)

★ how to write rules for your life that are empowering


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