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Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 01 2013

Gold Tape

^ video of the week. tara stiles, who does my favourite yoga videos, is also quite the comedian.

★ a post entirely devoted to galactic sparkles.

★ as usual, climbing advice applies to real life too: how to try harder.

★ 10 reasons to travel this year. because why not? let’s fill our passports with stamps!

★ my favourite outfit i’ve seen this week. bold and bright!

★ a dad and his son shopping as superheroes.

★  for those of you still not sure about this minimalism thing: how it’s positive.

★ fab advice on working hard and finding yourself.

★ what your bag-holding style says about you. funny! and kind of true.

★ stunning portraits of actors from Sundance 2013.

★ my new dream house.

happy february!

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