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Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 15 2013

Gold Tape

Links I Like^ Proenza Schouler. Minimalism is in vogue. Let’s be clear though – beyond minimalist aesthetics, I prize quality basics. And my definition of “basic” may not be the most conventional.

★ 9 days of nice. just ended, so you can see all 9 days at once!

★ advice to my kids. everything leo values and advises packed into one post. read and feel revitalised.

★ consider uggie. my favourite facebook fan page with updates guaranteed to make me smile. happy birthday uggie!

★ it’s electric. look of the week. again, what i consider basics…

★ be an outfit-repeater: mini mission. shhh no one will notice. i’m writing on this soon too, so watch this space :)

★ simple triggers. the secret to setting good (and bad) habits.

★ and a video. the rhythm of making tea:

have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to shine,

xandra ★

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